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    I'm gonna list them from favourite to least favourite
    - Mawile
    - Garchomp
    - Lucario
    - Mewtwo X
    - Charizard
    - Blastoise
    - Blaziken
    - Mewtwo Y
    - Absol
    - Ampharos
    - Venusaur
    - Kangaskhan

    Quick summary on all of them:
    Mawile got some major improvements (stat and design wise) and shes definately my favourite, Garchomp has freaking blades for arms, Lucario looks pretty beast, Mewtwo X is simple design wise which I prefer it to the Y version, Charizard has a more dragon like design (still fire flying °O°), Blastoise has a huge cannon and miniature cannons on his hands, Blaziken is a bit complex, but he's cool, Mewtwo Y looks strange (half Jessie half Dragonball Z hybrid?), Absol, IMO, is a bit lacking in design, Ampharos has great hair (most creative design ever), Venusaur just looks the same, Kangaskhan is just terrible.

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