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    This game looks amazing. I haven't actually logged on to comment about a hack/Fan game in a long time, because most games never make it anywhere and the creator dissapears. You seem to actually comment semi-quickly with updates, and the updates are typically really nice. It love the story, and as much as I was iffy about the spearow/Growlithe thing, the pokemon dying off works perfectly with that.
    A few quick questions.
    Something that inspired me about pokemon Bronze (before it *ahem* died) was the skilling system. a fishing/mining system, if at all possible, might create a lot more late game replay, especially with completionists like myself. Include Achievements for reaching certain levels, or mining amoungs? Maybe make a crafting system, crafting fancy pokeballs and fishing rods, or something? Not necessary, just really fun of course.
    The Sudowoodo problem.
    Sudowoodo is fantastic midgame, and Bonsly covers ground early game, but by late game i typically am forced to trade him out for something with more coverage and power. Is there any way you can do like you did with Bidoof, with a possible Rock/Grass coverage instead of normal rock? I would really enjoy that endgame. And if you need someone to make a sprite, I wouldn't say I'm great, but I'm willing to try.
    Those pointless and mostly self centered things aside, This game is going to be one of the greatest I think ever shown on this forum. Please, whatever you do don't give up on it.

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