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    Originally Posted by pokemonlover111 View Post
    It's the new and improved version of the 'old fashioned' Mega-Upload. :p

    Also looking forward for the next update! Be sure to fix that tree thing,
    Thanks, I'm starting to get bored with making the game - giving myself til christmas gives me time to slack off and get back into the game after being away for so long, as well as plenty of time to balance other important things
    dont worry, I'll make sure to fix it right away hahaha
    I'm also re-working most of the stuff in the beginning of the game, and will make sure things work how they are supposed to be working and it will be a little more "user friendly" such as meeting 2 of the gym masters very early on and having them explain most of how the gyms work, for example

    Originally Posted by 66hunter66 View Post
    This game looks amazing. I haven't actually logged on to comment about a hack/Fan game in a long time, because most games never make it anywhere and the creator dissapears. You seem to actually comment semi-quickly with updates, and the updates are typically really nice. It love the story, and as much as I was iffy about the spearow/Growlithe thing, the pokemon dying off works perfectly with that.
    A few quick questions.
    Something that inspired me about pokemon Bronze (before it *ahem* died) was the skilling system. a fishing/mining system, if at all possible, might create a lot more late game replay, especially with completionists like myself. Include Achievements for reaching certain levels, or mining amoungs? Maybe make a crafting system, crafting fancy pokeballs and fishing rods, or something? Not necessary, just really fun of course.
    The Sudowoodo problem.
    Sudowoodo is fantastic midgame, and Bonsly covers ground early game, but by late game i typically am forced to trade him out for something with more coverage and power. Is there any way you can do like you did with Bidoof, with a possible Rock/Grass coverage instead of normal rock? I would really enjoy that endgame. And if you need someone to make a sprite, I wouldn't say I'm great, but I'm willing to try.
    Those pointless and mostly self centered things aside, This game is going to be one of the greatest I think ever shown on this forum. Please, whatever you do don't give up on it.
    thats a lot! hahaha, thank you very much for your many kind words <3

    i probably have forgotten to change things...
    originally I was going to have the starters be growlithe, spearrow or eevee, but instead I made new starters, but eevee-spearow-growlithe will still have a big role in my game
    however rather than being like that normally, they will have been scientifically modified and will only have eevee-lution properties for those specific ones (not to mention altered stats as well...)

    a big thing in the story is the creation of those pokemon, but it hasnt been discussed (and is unknown to most of my little NPC's and important characters~

    as for crafting and ****, I'm actually implementing just that, and it's looking pretty good - I just need to iron out a few things, but I'll have a few standard pokeballs, and the rest must be crafted yourself with certain "drops" you receive from defeating pokemon in battle
    (I'm also altering how some pokeballs work, such as the heal ball actually healing your pokemon slowly while walking, and many others)

    I havent told anyone ( so feel special! ) about my idea for "awakened forms"
    I'm certain you've heard of "mega evolutions" but this is just retarded, they are not "evolutions" merely alternate forms, I have taken this concept to heart and improved it greatly - to answer your question, as a post game tool, a trainer can train pokemon (in a way, with conditions all of which still undetermined) to the point where they reach "awakened forms" (along with conditions still unknown)

    basically they are essentially "mega evolutions" just much better and available for all final evolution pokemon (certain pokemon will have either very similair ones/exact same ones depending on their situations, such as slobro Vs slowking - gastrodon - etc)
    it will essentially make all pokemon viable, as well as giving the trainer extra inscentive to train and keep playing long after the game has finished

    as another end game thing I'm thinking of making guilds, where you join certain villainous teams and do missions, you essentially join them to "tear them down from within" and serve the one guild you officially join, however you can either "sabotage a mission" and gain the credit for the "hero guild" or be an anonymous face for the villain guild and complete the mission for them - in both situations neither guild deducts points for serving the other one as you are an anonymous face, but rewards you if you complete theirs

    as for achievements, they are in the works, but I'm still working on it

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