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Vulpix is my favorite fire-type. It's cute and extremely cuddly. My favorite water-type is Suicune. I love its beauty and elegance. For grass, my favorite is Cherrim. Its smile is just simply adorable. Chansey is my favorite normal Pokémon. It's able to endure a lot of hits in battles, and when it's holding Eviolite, it could become even more vicious. Salamance is my favorite dragon. Either that, or Garchomp. My favorite ground-type Pokémon is Hippowdon. It's got heavy bulk, and has the ability to summon sandstorm as soon as it's out of its Poké Ball. Scizor is my favorite bug-type. It's quite powerful physically, and it has the ability to take out almost any Pokémon with just one Bullet Punch. Metagross is my favorite steel-type. I'm a big fan of its design. When it comes to rock, my favorite Pokémon is Aerodactyl. My favorite flying-type is probably Pidgeot, since that was the very first flying Pokémon that I ever got my hands on. Espeon has gotta be my favorite psychic-type Pokémon, and Umbreon is my favorite dark-type. d: Machamp is my favorite fighting Pokémon. With access to No Guard and DynamicPunch, it's able to take down anything that ever gets in its path. My favorite poison-type Pokémon is definitely Toxicroak. It has a very nice-looking design, and it's a great sweeper. And finally, my favorite ghost-type is Gengar. I love its story about being Clefable's shadow, and when it comes to competitive battling, it could make a great special-attacker for any team.