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Originally Posted by 66hunter66 View Post
As an Idea, you could make it a drop thing, like a very rare high level drop, or doing quests (HINTHINT?:D) and make it mystery dungeon style (rare glowing beam of light in a random cave close to starting location) assuming pokemon has reached a certain level, fulfilled certain things, and/or has an item equipped, IE;
Scizor -> ???
Level 75+
quick claw equipped
Use Metal shard
Stat increase, mostly in speed, learns new rare move, maybe razor wind or something Dunno.
Moral of the story is it would take a bit to accomplish these things.
it sounds nearly irrelevant, as I have never had a pokemon ever reach lv 75 - and as you want to improve sudowoodo, I doubt you would reach 75 at all, I want it to be like they need max friendship, and a few other requirements, but stuff like that

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