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Originally Posted by sh1nyzorua View Post
Ok, this is my little collection! I'm still kind of new to all this Pokemon stuff, so I don't have much, but I'm very proud and happy to have what I have.

These are my plushies. Zorua is my favourite, his smile doesn't show up very well in the picture, but he is very smiley. Lugia and Tepig are really soft, and Skitty is super special since I never thought I would actually be able to get a Skitty PokeDoll, but I did.

This is the rest of my stuff. Most of it's stuff my friend gave me, since she has a big collection. I made the Chikorita myself (Please excuse his broken leaf!! Grr, I can't fix the leaf, even with glue >n<) and Pikachu has no tail, poor guy. The Espeon/Umbreon thingy is a book about the trading card game and the box Torterra is sitting on, is full of cards that wouldn't fit in the little binder, and some really old stickers.
i want your lugia and skitty so bad. you can keep the figures cuz i dont really like them lol but i seriously want your lugia lol

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