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    As a spin off game, I could see it happening, but as a main game title, no. At the moment, Pokemon has a very popular, strategical, and in depth competitive scene that would basically be destroyed if it made the jump from a turn based RPG, to something like Pokemon Generations. They have worked so hard on making sure that the battle system is as good, and perfect as possible, and to change this in the main games, would just be the wrong thing to do. Just look at other franchises such as Legend of Zelda, and Mega Man. Those franchises have never changed the basic gameplay, but instead, have improved upon what they have made. It's the same with Pokemon. With every passing generation, the battle system is getting better and better, with added improvements added in every generation. If you are getting sick of the gameplay, then just play the spin offs. When people say that Pokemon is the same thing every year, they seem to always forget about these games. Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Rangers, Pokepark etc, are Pokemon games that all play different from the main games. Plus, I believe that as long as they keep improving on the battle system, it won't get tiresome at all. As long as it doesn't become like CoD where every feature added, is just for the sake off adding something, then the franchise is good where it is. No change in genre or battle system is needed. Along with the added variety in spin off games, nothing about the franchise needs to change whatsoever.
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