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The Ringleader:

Kanko worked alone. He weaved between members of the crowd, picking out targets whilst drawing no attention to himself. His heavy, dark red coat hid his weapon well - his clothing was nothing like the black, fitted uniform of his subordinates. He was his own man in this mission.

Across the room, a soldier, clad in black, raised his hand - there was a problem. Trying not to draw attention to himself, Kanko made his way across to a narrow doorway - guarded by two of his men. Better keep up appearances he thought as he strode forward, the guards were clearly able, fit and strong, but there was a reason that Kanko was their superior.

"Excuse me, I think there's been a mistake, you see..." he paused, smiled, his sentence ended there. His arm, bulked up with muscle, shot forward, grasping the first guard by the neck. They both froze, confused as to what was happening. Kanko was disappointed in their response, "You can't act for sh*t," he whispered, inaudible to the gathering crowd. With one, forceful push he flung one guard against the other, pushing through the door and out of the eyes of the growing audience.

"We really need new lackeys," he said to himself, foraging through the pockets in his coat until he found the transmission device.

"This is Kan, what's the problem?" He spoke clearly and calmly, a very sudden change in demeanor.

"T-there's been an escape, they lynched us, I'm sorry sir bu-" The apologetic minion tried to justify his failure, but he was quickly cut off.

"Return to the dock, I'll sort this."

- - - - -

He had been following them for some time, lurking in the adjacent corridor, in the shadow of a doorway, awaiting the perfect moment. An older man, hooded, had joined the teenagers - he was a prime target, his revealed, bald head and distinctive tattoos gave him away.

We've got an airbender to play with, Kanko thought, amused, it had been a while since he'd faced a nomad. Time for a grand entrance.

His first footstep, emphasised by a thick, hardy boot, echoed down the corridor. That was all the monk needed to sense his presence, straight away the airbender reeled round to face him. Kanko chuckled, getting a clearer view of his opponent proved him right - he wasn't particularly fussed about the younger boys, he wanted to enjoy a good fight before recapturing them.

Flashing open his cloak, Kanko revealed a fitted, blue jacket. It was designed specifically for combat, fighting benders in particular. Fireproof, nonabsorbent, hardy and protective - it eliminated a lot of immediate threats on it's own. His hand rested on his favourite piece though, a gold-hilted katana. Without even drawing his sword, the commander smirked and strode forward.

His opponent hesitated, looking between the boys and the fierce swordsman. "Go! Save Xiu, save your friends," he barked, removing his own hooded cloak and preparing for battle. Davian and Kalden retreated to the large gymnasium.

"Come." Thokmay spoke, his face composed and emotionless. His white lotus uniform was a clear identification of his ability - this man was an able bender.

"If you wish," Kanko said, an air of humour hinted in his voice. Bursting forward, the elite powered towards the air nomad. His sword was still sheathed, but an eager hand twitched at the hilt as he neared his opponent.

A disc of sharp, whirling air skimmed by, Kan weaved around it - all too familiar with airbending techniques. He had studied for many years, studied their tactics, their range and their weaknesses.

Thokmay did not waste another attack, charging forward himself with devastating, wind-propelled, force. Kanko grinned, drawing his sword just as the two were about to collide - causing the white lotus airbender to jump away.

Five metres was as much space as they could separate in the confined corridor. "Superb dodge," Kanko congratulated, holding out his sword, the tip pointing at Thokmay's chest. He smirked, this battle was over.

Squeezing the hilt, a sudden bolt of electricity erupted from Kanko's blade - firing directly at his opponent's chest. There was no time to dodge, no time to limit the damage.

"As much as I'd rather kill you by my own hands, the boss has a thing for airbenders." Retrieving the transmitter from his cloak, the commander called for backup. Thokmay was out of action, slumped against the wall, unconscious and ready to be taken in.

- - - - -

"I can't believe we caught the Avatar," the guard said to his colleague in disbelief, pushing Angelique to the floor, "We're going to be promoted, we'll get so much holiday for this - think of the bonus packet!"

Another pair of guards were close behind them, carrying a limp Xiu, leaving her sprawled on the floor with the other captives. "Shouldn't we get a blocker for that one?" A masked man questioned, pointing to the disheveled 'Avatar'.

"She came calmly! Jeez, don't sweat it. We've got this."

"Commander? Commander wait!" A young woman was heard shouting outside, eager to inform her boss of the recent events - he was already up to date and headed straight for the main prize.

Kanko thrust the door open, almost throwing it entirely off its hinges, entering the gymnasium with a bang. The captives looked up in fear, the majority of them young, weak, helpless. "Which one is it?" He ordered, the once gleeful guard was now timid and scared himself - pointing at the ruffled Angelique.

Storming over he grabbed the young girls face, pulling her up and twisting her from side to side to get a good look. Unsatisfied, he threw her back to the floor.

"Oh you idiots," He growled, "Why would she be the Avatar?! She's nothing special." Picking the girl up, by the scruff of her tank top. "Apologies, but your time is up." His free fist clenched.


  • All 'captured' characters have had their additional equipment and weapons confiscated - they can be recovered from a pile of bags at the side of the room.
  • There are civilians, in this case mostly children, in the room so be careful.
  • All characters are now in the big gymnasium. It is up to Bast and Seph on how theirs got there after being told to leave. (I would recommend them hiding there, so they can observe the above). Ryan was amongst the children, somehow managing to be quiet for a bit.
  • Kanko can be attacked, propositioned, etc. by anyone - just make sure to consider other roleplayers. Order of posts is essential here.
  • Kanko may not be defeated, his fate will be decided during the next update (next weekend).
  • There is a total of six guard accompanying Kanko, you may kill them or have them flee.
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