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    Angelique Everett

    One would think that the "Avatar" would be treated with more respect, but Angelique soon realized that was a complete lie. She was glad she had sacrificed herself in place of Xiu; that girl wouldn't have survived this long.

    The first thing that happened immediately was that Angelique had the **** beaten out of her. Six guards sprang on her at once, and even experienced fighters couldn't get out of that. As she was dragged away from the collapsing Xiu, Angelique noticed several bruises on her arms and legs forming. They'd probably go away soon, but boy did they hurt. Even worse, the idiots totally screwed up her hair and now it was just getting in her way.

    As soon as she was inside, she was handcuffed with bending-proof locks and her bag was confiscated, which included her cards. Her pockets were cleaned and her main weapons were taken away. Afterwards, she was forcefully shoved into the gynamsium, which was filled with very young hostages, where she tripped down the stands and busted her shin on the stairway.

    So at this point, she wasn't in a pleasant mood. "Jeez, you'd think people would treat the Avatar better than this. If my hands were locked I would be snapping all of your necks right now."

    "Oh chill out, not like you'd get very far with this many guards around." A henchman laughed as he sat on one of the seats. "You might be a great fighter, but let's face it, you can't take all of us at once."

    Another guard nearby held Angelique's bag; he enjoyed going through it and looking at everything she carried. "You got a lot of stuff in here, girl. What do you do with it?"

    "Usually it's just to keep stuff in. That's what bags are for, idiot." Angelique snapped, flipping her hair out of her face. "Stop going through it already. The only interesting thing in there are the packs of cards I have. Maybe you guys should play Solitaire with them and cut your hands up?"

    "Nice try, but -" the guard's quip was immediately interrupted when the door to the gymnasium flung open roughly, causing every guard to jump to attention. From behind the door came a huge, bulking boss-like guy that didn't look too entirely happy. He was storming right over in her direction, causing the guards to quiver slightly.

    "Which one is it?" He barked, causing the guards to jump. The one who was holding her bag pointed to her, causing the boss guy to come over and grab her by her face, which made Angelique shout out various obscenities and kick him in the stomach to no avail. He dropped her back down on the ground, making her growl with rage. "You idiots. Why would she be the Avatar?! She's nothing special."

    "Excuse me, *******, I am very special, even if I'm not the Avatar. And I don't know who you think you are, but you better - hey!"

    Boss-guy didn't have time for Angelique's unrelenting anger. He grabbed her by the front of her tank top and held a fist up to her. "Apologies, but your time is up."

    "Uh, I don't think so, buster! Get the hell off of me!" She snapped, placing her feet against his chest and pushing herself out of his grip. She skidded a few inches down the edge of the walkway, assuming her usual combat stance minus the position of her arms. Her shin was wailing for her to stop moving. "I can still firebend, y'know. I don't need my hands. If you think you're scary, you're wrong."

    "I could handle three firebenders, more skilled then you, even with the use of their hands," the commander was disgusted that such a small girl deemed herself equal, although perhaps her lack of action said more than her overworked mouth. "If you firebend against me, I will have to break all of your limbs until you've got nothing left to work with." he threatened, with a smile.

    "Wow, how many times have I been threatened like that?" She mocked. "Like I said, you don't scare me. No one scares me."

    "I wonder how tough you'd be without that fire in your belly, little girl." Kanko was tired of the girl. He played with the thought of having an angry, fireless pet to take home. His fingers twitched; if the blockers didn't arrive soon, he'd have to get his hands dirty.

    "Actually, I'm pretty tough, thank you." She scoffed. "I think you're underestimating me. With or without fire, I can fight. Someone like you doesn't even pose a challenge. You're nothing but another steamhead. Spare yourself the agony of embarrassment, because this entire endeavor is pointless and you won't succeed."

    He smiled. How amusing. "I take it you know a certain hooded airbender I met earlier? Apparently, he likes the company of kids your age. Would you like to share a cell with him?" His exterior was calm, aware of the audience of captives around them. He would not show a flicker of doubt in his own superiority. The girl posed no threat in her state and the escapees were nowhere to be found.

    "I have no idea who you're talking about, unless you mean Kalden. And I highly doubt you would actually capture him." She laughed. "Seriously dude, you could just end this whole thing, the entire operation, right now, and you won't end up looking like an idiot. Although, in your case, that might be harder than it seems. You're not gonna find who you're looking for here, so just give up."

    Two guards rushed forward, taking up positions behind Angelique. "It's always the firebenders who kick up a fuss." Kanko sighed. "I'll leave her with you. I've got a boy to find... Kalden, what is?"

    Angelique attempted to lunge forward, but the guards held her back by her arms. "Don't even think about trying to find Kalden! If you hurt him, I'll kick your face in! He's too smart for someone like you to find him anyway." The boss-guy simply ignored her threat, making her growl as he walked away.

    Just you wait... she thought bitterly as the guards put her back in her captive spot.


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