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    Sure, why not?

    Generation I
    Describe Me: Trend-setting.
    Favorite Starter: Charmander.
    Second Partner: Pikachu. The hours spent traipsing the Viridian Forest for one...
    Shining Moment: Beating Misty. That Starmie of hers still gives me nightmares over a decade later...
    Favorite Legendary: Mewtwo. Blame the first movie on this one.
    Summary: Like most things I loved when I was a kid, I look back on this generation with a lot of fondness. I'll not deny my memories are very rosy tinted - I wouldn't even consider trying to play these games now; the speed would send me to hell even as the 8-bit music and sprites sent me to heaven - but nostalgia is like that. Like a lot of people here, I started with the first games, and whilst I will admit and acknowledge they have since been surpassed (in terms of gameplay at the very least; designs are personal preference, but there is no denying Pokemon has come a long way since the first gen) they still started it all for me, and I'll always appreciate them for that.

    Generation II
    Describe Me: Exciting.
    Favorite Starter: Totodile.
    Second Partner: Pidgey, usually. I've always loved Pidgey, and Hoothoot just didn't cut it with me...
    Shining Moment: Destroying Misty when I went to Kanto. Revenge is a dish best served with Pokemon ten levels above your opponent's. Ahahaha.
    Favorite Legendary: Raikou. Poor, underappreciated Raikou...
    Summary: Looking back on it, I guess this was more of the same, but at the time this was like having Christmas halfway through the year...and considering how old I was at the time, that was the best thing since sliced bread. Everything was just BETTER: it looked nicer, there were new features, it felt like a proper continuation with Team Rocket causing more mischief, and best of all, you got to go back to Kanto afterwards. These were HUGE games at the time for me in terms of content, and the shiny cartridge made it even more special. I'm so sad they discontinued the coloured cartridges with the fourth generation...

    Generation III
    Describe Me: Uninspired.
    Favorite Starter: Treecko.
    Second Partner: Taillow. I love swallows.
    Shining Moment: Figuring out those braille puzzles.
    Favorite Legendary: Latias.
    Summary: The third gen is one that I didn't really come to appreciate until I got Emerald: the Team Magma/Aqua thing was just so much better when you interacted properly with both of them, I think. I absolutely LOATHED the soundtrack for these games, as well. I still do. It just doesn't sound right to me, and it didn't feel as big after the second generation...or perhaps I was just getting more cynical at that point, and/or reacting to peer pressure. Pokemon wasn't universally accepted as a cool thing come the GBA; it was a shameful thing to still like it. That might have impacted me, at least initially. I do love Emerald, though.

    Generation IV
    Describe Me: Probably my favourite thus far?
    Favorite Starter: Piplup. It's Pingu in Pokemon form!
    Second Partner: Starly. It's the fourth gen Pidgey; of course I'm going to have one!
    Shining Moment: Cynthia's piano theme...I mean, beating Cynthia. God, she was HARD.
    Favorite Legendary: Giratina.
    Summary: I really love the fourth gen. I'm not sure why, because looking back on it there wasn't a huge leap between gen four and three in terms of content or gameplay. I guess after the abysmal OST of Gen III and the overwhelming abundance of water it was nice to be back on dry land again? In terms of Pokemon designs, the fourth gen has my favourites overall as well. Plus there was Cynthia, the first - and only in my books; I really do not care for Iris - female Champion, which was nice to see.

    Generation V
    Describe Me: Disappointing.
    Favorite Starter: Snivy, although I really don't care for any of them...
    Second Partner: Pidove, naturally.
    Shining Moment: Ghetsis' battle theme. Yup.
    Favorite Legendary: Meloetta. Her normal form, mind.
    Summary: I really didn't care for Gen V, although I only have myself to blame for raised expectations. Firstly, there was the hype surrounding the story, which it completely lacked. I had a lot of issues with these games besides that - the designs, for one. With a few notable exceptions, I loathed them all. The starters were all ugly, and the Pokemon along the first few routes were awful (I was NOT using Patrat or Lillipup, thank you) so I was stuck with my ugly starter and nothing else for the first two hours of the game. That soured my mood a bit. Then there was the dismal random encounter rate - I put the game down for nearly a week because of how aggravating Chargestone Cave was - and it felt to me like the game was just trying to draw attention to how pretty it was and not its new features. There were hardly any Triple or Rotation battles to speak of, I never really connected with any of these supposedly well-developed NPCs, after Gen IV it just felt like a step backwards to me. I didn't much enjoy my time in Black, and Black 2 wasn't much better...although I did find that easier to play and enjoy.

    Generation VI

    Describe Me: Intriguing.
    To-be Starter: Fennekin.
    To-be Second Partner: Fletchling, unless there is a three-stage Normal/Flying type floating around.
    To-be Shining Moment: I have high hopes for the soundtrack, if that counts?
    Favorite Legendary: I prefer Xerneas, even if looking at it puts A****aka's theme in my head.
    Summary: I am really, really excited for this generation. I've loved (or at least been able to forgive...Doublade is no worse than Vanillite, or dare I say it, Magneton and Dugtrio) the new Pokemon revealed, and whilst I'm extremely skeptical and cynical about things that look too good to be true, this looks to "put Pokemon back on track" for me; that is, make me enjoy it as much as I did with Gen IV. It could look better, but the lack of graphical polish is a good thing in my mind, because it implies more effort has been made with gameplay, and the new mechanics so far look intriguing, if nothing else. I'm hoping they've balanced the game out, and I'm looking forward to exploring that. In short, I've not seen anything yet to put me off, so I'm going to remain perhaps recklessly optimistic.
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