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    Haha bro! You amazed me again! I love this game! When i tried the game, whoah! I was surprised about the starters! Amazing! This is an amazing hack i tell ya! It's an amazing hack, and you added more pokemons! Cool! Well you shouldn't add fake pokemons to your hack,just add more pokemons on it, maybe adding the Pokemon X and Y starters? Well, if you can, that would be great! And you should add more events,storylines so we wont get bored. You should also improve the graphics , add new towns or cities, caves maybe or even more epic rival battles! And you should improve the character, changing the intro maybe, or the name of your hometown, changing Small Town to Carner Town or Sainy Town. but man! You surprised me about this! Well, i hope you can add a lot more things about this!
    I give you 5 STARS
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