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Been very reluctant about starting this challenge, because honestly, I am, despite my love for the series, horrible at Zelda games :( Well, the combat that is. I've always had major difficulties beating most of the games, even with all the heart pieces I've received from bosses, so doing it without a single one is definitely gonna be a challenge. But I guess I won't know before I give it a try.

My original idea was to go with ALttP, since it's been ages since I last played it, but guess I can't do that, seeing as you have to pick up the heart pieces :( I really don't have many other choices though, as most of my games were on the Gamecube, and my memory card has kiinda stopped working, so that'd mean I'd have to do it without turning off the console, but that's like two challenges in one ;)

A few minutes later

K, so Alex convinced me to do Majora's Mask, but I probably won't be doing much before the 14th, as my holiday starts there, and having my Gamecube turned on all the time won't really be much of a problem, since I'll actually be able to use it most of the time :p

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