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    Full Name: Nylea Dahl

    Gender: Female.

    Age: 18


    Nylea stands about 5'4 in height and weighs about 105 lbs. She has a slender and athletic build. One can also tell just from looking at Nylea that she is of Hispanic descent. She has dark tan skin and raven black hair. Her hair is wavy and long going to about the center of her back. Her most striking feature however are her bright emerald green eyes.

    Clothing wise Nylea wears a pink ribbon on her head tying it like a headband with the end of the ribbon falling to her shoulders. She wears a white dress shirt with a collar and puffy short sleeves. Over that she wears a teal colored vest with thin gold stripes on it. She wears a purple skirt that has circles of gold fabric going all the way around the edge hanging off the skirt. She wears knee length leggings under the skirt and a pair of purple, gold, and white flats on her feet. To accesorize Nylea wears thick gold bangles on both her wrists. Nylea also wears a gold locket with a picture of a two year old girl in it and carries a teal colored satchel.

    Personality: The best way to describe Nylea is kind and caring. She cares deeply for others and can sometimes be compared to a mother babying a child. Because that is exactly what she does. Nylea is very maternal naturally and will act that way towards anyone she trusts and cares for. She tends to fuss over her friends if she feels they are not eating enough or just fuss over them in general. Nylea cares deeply about Pokemon, and loves to care for them. This and her parents were what inspired her to follow her dream to become a breeder.

    Nylea does have trust issues involving boys. She was hurt deeply by a boy she thought she loved and thus it takes her longer to trust guys then it takes her to trust those of her own gender. She has made her share of mistakes in her youth, having gone through a rebellious stage that ended when something changed her life completely. But she feels that those experiences just helped shape her and made her who she is today.

    Goal: To be the best Pokemon Breeder

    Brief History: Nylea was born and raised in Slateport City in the Hoenn region. A single child to two loving but strict parents she was restricted a lot. Her father had inherited a lot of money from his father making the family very wealthy. Nylea was taught at home by tutors not going to public school and was constantly told how to dress, how to talk, and what to eat. Even if she was just around her parents.

    Once she hit her teenage years Nylea felt her parents should have seen her rebellion coming. She started to act out, talk back, no longer listen to her parents. She also started to sneak out of her house at night. Then when she was 16 years old she met Jared. A young boy her age who was visiting from Kanto. It was love at first sight on her part and she thought Jared felt the same. Nylea was happy, in love, she felt like nothing could go wrong. But then everything did. She found out several months into her relationship with Jared that she was pregnant. When she told him he blamed her and left, returning to Kanto telling her their entire relationship was a lie. Nine months later Nylea had her daughter Rosa. A cute little girl with her mothers dark hair and green eyes, while she inherited Jared's light skin.

    Rosa's birth was a turning point in Nylea's life. During her pregnancy she had made amends with her parents and they had lightened up on her. They also doted on little Rosa. Nylea stopped acting out, she changed her whole perspective on life focusing on just being the best mother she could for her child. On her 18th birthday Nylea was gifted with a Vulpix. Her parents gift to her, as well as telling her they would care for Rosa while she went on a journey. It took a lot of persuasion on her parents part before she agreed. Nylea wasn't sure about leaving her two year old. But eventually she decided it was best to go. By becoming a Pokemon Breeder and learning through a journey she would be able to use her skills so she would no longer have to rely on her parents to support her and Rosa. After stalling for a few weeks not ready to leave her child Nylea finally got the courage to leave home. Kissing her daughter goodbye Nylea got a family friend to fly her to Lavaridge following her mothers advice to start her journey there.

    Chosen Starter: Vulpix

    Other: Just because here's what the picture in Nylea's locket looks like.