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It's my first time trying this, so hopefully I don't completely fail!

EDIT: Here's my Day 1 event log.

Pokemon Sapphire - Nuzlocke Challenge

Day 1 - 9/30/13

8:08 AM - Named my character Nick.
8:17 AM - Chose Torchic “Torkik” as my starter at Littleroot Town.
8:24 AM - Fainted potential party member Wurmple at Route 101.
8:30 AM - Fainted potential party member Poochyena at Route 103.
8:42 AM - Defeated May at Route 103.
8:55 AM - A wild Zigzagoon fainted “Torkik” with Tackle (Critiwait no more pokemon WHAT THE GHDSAIGWDATEWITOEYWATEKASLGDSASDGiewqrhtewQtewa you AHE GDSA YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KICDSAKG KIdDINg ME
Best Wonder Chain: x13