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    Im going to give you some of my insight on this.

    So basically,your trying to make a all-regions version game. Thats whats im seeing from a simple glance at your paragraph with your OP.

    Its a okish idea,but personally because your leaving the mechanics pretty much unchanged from the version games,starting off with Kanto and traveling to all the other regions for example just seems kind of strange and doesn't make much sense.Its feel in the mechanics of your idea just dosn't...*ugh*.

    I'm trying to not sound so harsh for ya but I really never liked the idea of a all regions game because in order for it to work right,it probly had to be made into a MMO in order for it to make sinse. and I also hear people saying that a all regions version game would be the perfect Pokemon game....Its not. It just inforces much more how badly the mechanics in the version gamez needs a MAJOR overhaul because its just not what Pokemon is.

    Here's something for you to realize:Most ideas really don't make it very far in development,even epic ideas thats better then a franchises version of the game wont do very well at all. I'm that example.

    8 years ago,I had a dream that someday I be playing a real Pokemon game,not a game that focuses only on its mechanics or trying to get everything right like a chess game. That idea I had is called this "A Traditional Pokemon RPG with a All-In-One Pokemon experience.",that idea I had is called "Pokemon Battle Network" because one guy from a different company make a profit from that idea and made his own franise called "Megaman Battle Network".

    This like your idea has never happened before and it probably wont happen anyways because there's just too many factors that's preventing me from making it. Even if I did acquire the programming skills,it probly be more then 10 years from now before I get a "basic" knowledge of programming. That's right,you need to learn how to program before you can make anything on a computer(its not easy at all).

    I really do feel bad for you but again,maybe I dont. There's just no support for ideas that really do have a chance. I'm being really creative with what I need to do so I got nothing.

    If you can get this made I personally will be your god. I give you the best of Good Luck!
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