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Chapter 9
Goldenrod City... Goldenrod City... Golden-freaking-rod City...

I should be dying of fangasm that one of the greatest fictional cities is right in front of me. I should have been, if I weren't ‘magically’ turned into an Eevee.

Whoever did this to me must not have heard of the Mystery Dungeon games. I mean, heck, I should probably be doing some rescue missions right about now!

...wait, what? What the heck am I even thinking? Why the heck am I troubling myself with those anyway? I should be thinking of how to get back home!

Okay, okay... Damn, that city's bright when the sunlight hits it. Or maybe Eevee eyes are just sensitive...

I drop my gaze from the golden city to the grassy hills. Green is always a good color to stare at because it's cool to the eyes, or so I've heard.

Anyway, home... How am I going to get home?

Well, clearly, I'm in the Pokémon world, so...I'm in a completely different dimension...which is also called ‘space’... And space is governed by, rather. Yes yes, that pink dragon thingy, Palkia.

So, in conclusion, I need to look for Palkia and talk to it.


Now how do I freaking find a stupid space-warping dinosaur?!

I close my eyes, hung my head and let out a very very depressed sigh...

...and by the way...even if I do find Palkia, how the heck am I going to turn back into a human...?

I shook my head lightly and sighed once again...

“Care to share?”

Oh yeah, Vixie's with me at the moment... I almost forgot...

...and she reminded me of my earlier troubles... Should I tell her that I used to be a human? Another sigh escaped my lips...

“I...” I began, feeling really really unsure if I should pour everything to her... “I...just go home...”

“Is that why you wanted to see Celebi?” a new yet familiar voice came form behind me.

I actually felt my two ears stood up as I turn to see who it was. Yep, it was the Rattata. What's her name again?

“Fay?” I asked.

She nodded with a small smile. “The one and only!” she then walked and sat in between Vixie and I. “Wow. A cheese city!”

My two ears fell flat as I deadpanned.

Vixie chuckled. “It's not a cheese city, Fay... Eevee said that it's Goldenrod City.”

Fay looked at her, and then she turned to me with a puzzled look. “Have you been there before?” Fay asked.

I blinked. Wow, I never expected that question before. “, but uh...”

She smiled wide. “Then you don't know if it's made of cheese!”

I tightly closed my eyes and slapped a paw over my face. I shook my head a bit with a groan. “Where's that Bulbasaur when I need him?”

“Why?” Vixie asked, blinking at me.

“Oh, those two will get here,” Fay said, still staring dreamily at the city. “I was farting all the way here—” I jumped and back away from her, “—while following your scent. They don't have a strong nose like I do, but their noses are good enough to follow the trail I left for them.”

And as if on cue, rustling noises erupted from the bushes. I turned and saw a very green-looking Pikachu and an annoyed-looking Bulbasaur. Both newcomers were covering their noses with a leaf.

“At least we found them,” Saur grunted as he slapped the Rattata's head with a vine.

“Yeah, finally...” Shock sat down...and fell on his belly with an exhausted sigh. “I'm never forcing myself to follow an awful smell...ever...” he sounded like he's on the verge of tears... Poor guy...

While Vixie was rubbing Shock's back and Saur choking the Rattata to death, a sigh escaped my lips, and then I turned back to the city.

Right now, these four are the closest to friends that I have at the moment. And right now, I need their help if I want to go back home. But...

I stared back at them. The four seem to be so close to each other... What if I'm just going to break whatever they have?

I don't want that...

I turn back towards the city again.

Goldenrod City... I blink... W-wait... Wait wait wait...

A smile slowly grew on my lips. Hope was blazing brightly inside me.

There IS a way for me to return to being human!


All I gotta do for now is to concentrate on turning back to human, and then I'll look for Palkia. Searching for that pink dragon will be much much easier being human. Heh, who knows... I might even go into an adventure and collect badges, visit regions, and finally kick some age on Ash Ketchum!

I turned back to the four Pokémon, and they were currently busy chatting with each other. Yeah, as much fun as it would be to have them around, I don't think they'd be okay with a human-turned-Pokémon. Judging from their reactions after those two trainers appeared, asking them to help me search for Bill in Goldenrod would be close to impossible.

And...I guess I'll just have to leave quietly. No use explaining what my plans are to them. Better to leave them happy with the four of them together.

I looked around, and saw a very narrow inclined pathway behind me. It was narrow...for humans at least, but it was big enough for an Eevee such as myself. Upon closer inspection, the rocky pathway was on the face of the cliff, heading all the way down to the base.

I smile. Perfect. I allowed myself one last glance at the four Pokémon. I mouthed a ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’ before I walked down on the pathway, and onward to Goldenrod City.

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