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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    It's not just defeating the league, you need to catch 60 Pokémon and recieve the national dex, obviously.

    I've gone through FR 3 times, each time picking each starter, only ever coming across entei, I forget which one I picked to start with for him.
    I've added more relevant info in the original post. You must have chose Bulbasaur to come across Entei. The legendary should have an advantage against your starter.
    Choosing Bulbasaur you'd encounter Entei, Charmander for Suicune and Squirtle for Raikou.

    Originally Posted by Rhytham View Post
    i didn't wast the Master ball on just a 50 lvl Legendary i Prefer to use it To catch Mewtwo.
    I did the exact same thing, the Master Ball just suits Mewtwo so much in my view.

    Originally Posted by Negix View Post
    To add, I "sometimes" don't even bother to lower his hp to catch it; mostly cause I want to see how long, and how many pokeballs it will take me to catch him. I prefer it this way, because why would I use a masterball and get it over with?
    You're very patient if you choose not to weaken it haha!
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