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Originally Posted by Mattysoxfan View Post
If you made a GEN 3 remake of christmas i think that would be awesome.

And this is Beta 1 and its the full game???

Why do i get the feeling theres only 1 or 2 gyms?

And why charmander, todadile and pichu as starters? wait why even pichu in the first place? I'm curious, there must be more starters i can obtain during the game.

I go to some underground place and end up in virdian city???? Im so confused!
This is not Beta 1. This is version 1.0.
1.0 usually means the first complete build. It's the full game.

I chose those starters because they're my three favourites of the starters in red/yellow/gold.

And you wouldn't be confused if you actually like, read the NPC text.

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