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Countdown to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

It's almost here, folks! As we step into October, the release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are just within days of its WORLDWIDE release on October 12th. For the very first time ever, the world will be given the chance to play the new generation of Pokémon games together at the same time ─ give or take a few hours due to time zones or whatever. Will you be there to get in on the action? Will you be heading to the Kalos region where a whole new adventure awaits filled with new mysteries, new people, and a whole lot of new Pokémon!?

In anticipation of release day, it was decided that as a community, it would be a lot more fun if we all got together on this and began the countdown with only just twelve days left on the calendar. Here, you're free to discuss anything X and Y. If you will, take it as a large Daily Chit-chat as we countdown to October 12th not so much to speculate but to discuss the things we're most excited about and what we're doing in preparation of the big day.

Have you pre-ordered your games? Which version(s) are you getting? What are you most excited about? Who's your favorite new Pokémon so far? What do you have planned from now till October 12th? Are you doing anything special on the day of the release? What are you hoping for? What are you not hoping for? How are you prolonging the hype? What do you want out of these games? Which starter(s) will you choose? Do you know which Pokémon you want on your team just yet? Are there any old rumors from this past year you wish turned out to be true? How do you feel about the new generation so far?

Feel free to gather here and discuss anything you wish pertaining to the Pokémon X and Y games as we head closer to their official launch date. All party members may just be rewarded a special emblem. Let's count this down together!