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    Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
    Have you pre-ordered your games? Which version(s) are you getting? What are you most excited about? Who's your favorite new Pokémon so far? What do you have planned from now till October 12th? Are you doing anything special on the day of the release? What are you hoping for? What are you not hoping for? How are you prolonging the hype? What do you want out of these games? Which starter(s) will you choose? Do you know which Pokémon you want on your team just yet? Are there any old rumors from this past year you wish turned out to be true? How do you feel about the new generation so far?
    OK let's start....

    1. Yes, both actually although I'm only buying one version.
    2. Likely to be X version.
    3. Most excited about seeing new pokemon, seeing old pokemon in 3d, customisation and the Kalos region itself...I love the European setting.
    4. My favourite new pokemon by far is Malamar.
    5. Nothing really, I was playing Ruby and I'm just after getting through victory road. So I want to beat the elite four before release.
    6. Nothing special, just playing, playing and more playing.
    7/8. No hopes really, just that I'll have fun and meet cool new pokemon.
    9. I've been browsing forums plus I've been visiting a tumblr page that posts countdown drawings.
    10. I want to have fun. :p
    11. Either Fennekin or Chespin.
    12. Malamar is definitely on my team. Might have a mawile too, it's my favourite steel type and it covers both fairy type and mega evolution.
    13. I wish that hooded bird was real, also the ghost spider. I'm also hoping hawlucha and binacle are real.
    14. Very positive, the new pokemon look great and Kalos threatens Hoenn as potentially my favourite region. Only time will tell.
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