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I probably won't be getting the games until Christmas I think, but at least that will give me some time to learn all the new Pokemon, the version exclusives, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and such, plus I can always see online guides, so that way I will be prepared for when I eventually do play the games. I'll be getting both versions, but the one I play more often (aka my "main" version) will usually be depending on which set of version exclusives I like better. It seems like it'll be X at this point (I do love Swirlix and Xerneas) but that could change when I see the full list.

I've even planned which starters I'll choose in advance, I'll be getting Froakie at the start due to my Water-type favoritism and I'll get Bulbasaur to compliment him (or her if I end up with a female) plus Venusaur's typing will allow it to deal with Fairy-types easily (he's part-Poison fyi) so I have my Fairy counter like, set. I will also use some Fire-type as well because I tend to use the three main starter types on my team, as well as a Flying-type so I can use a Fly slave. I'll also be using a Fairy-type of my own, while the last slot will likely be some wildcard.

The time sure has flown by, I can even remember when the games were first announced! This generation is looking to be the best so far, and all the Kalos Pokemon I've seen so far haven't been disappointing at all, the designs are great and nice to see more interesting type combinations introduced as well. I don't mind spoilers, but I know some people try to avoid stuff on Tumblr or something just to avoid spoilers. At least reading spoilers means I'll be well-prepared since I'm the kind who doesn't like blind playthroughs.