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    Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair View Post
    I've thought about using it but instead I bought all the past games/consoles/cables to catch'em all.
    Same here (except I just found out Pokécheck existed by reading this thread ) . I like the process of looking for Pokémon and catching them, so I don't think I'll use Pokécheck any time soon.

    So far, I completed the Pokédex in all my Gen 3 games. It was tedious at times, mostly because I had to complete seven games, including the ones on the Game Cube, and then there were the roamers (I captured them using the Master Ball, but finding them in the first place was another story entirely) , and also Feebas, but once I did complete the National Dex it felt really good . As soon as I finish recording my playthroughs of Gen 4 games (3DS capture card FTW) I'll proceed to do the same, ditto for Gen 5.

    Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair View Post
    Thankfully you don't need the event Pokemon for completing the National Dex! I won't need to use Pokecheck...
    That's what I thought at first too, but the empty spaces in my supposedly complete Gen 3 Pokédex kept bugging me, so I swallowed my pride and used a program for the Wii that allowed using a Game Cube memory card as an Action Replay to catch the four event exclusives in Pokémon XD. As for Gen 4, I ended up buying an actual Action Replay which I only use to get event items. The catching itself is done without any codes. I'm also abstaining from using codes in Gen 5 games for now, at least until it stops being the current generation.

    So there, my overall answer to the question is: I like finding and catching my Pokémon in the actual games as long as it is possible, and for the event exclusives, my AR's got it covered. So, no, I don't use Pokécheck.
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