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Chapter 11
After going through countless trees and bushes, seven streams, eight hungry predators, three campsites, and a hundred flying Pokéballs, I finally arrived in Goldenrod City's...Team Rocket's underground base, inside a small and metal cage...


Seriously though, Gold should have already disbanded these creeps a long time ago!

A painfully slammed my aching head against the iron bar for God-knows how many times now. I painful groan escaped from my lips as I let my head slide down, along with my body, to lie down on the flat, cold and metal base. Sigh...

“What did Ah tol' ya, kid?” Blue spoke, who is also inside a cage beside mine. “It's useless ta try an' escape from 'ere...”

Blue's a male Spearow. He kept on talking and trying to tell me to stop my efforts of escape as soon as those grunts brought me here and left the room.

Speaking of, the room appears to me metallic and, even with my fur, the air is cold. The room consisted of four walls, and three of them were filled with cages stacked on top of each other, while the other is where the door to freedom is.

These Rocket grunts appeared to be smart enough to put some restraints on the Pokémon who can use elemental attacks. A Growlithe has a very painful-looking iron harness, shutting its mouth shut. A Cyndaquil has one as well, plus a metallic shell covering his back. Other fire types are also having some other metallic restraints on them, as well as some of the water types. The grass types however, were inside an aquarium-like cage, with very small holes provided for air, but not big enough for their vines to snake through.

...and oh, not all of the Pokémon here are alive, which increased the drive within me to escape as soon as possible.

Anyway, I kept on thrashing inside my cage, in hopes that this chunk o'metal falls down to the floor, and gets dismantled in some ways or another, and then I could flee.

After another weak attempt of a Double Kick, my front paws gave in, and I collapsed, panting heavily.

D-darn it... If only I wasn't so nervous of being caught by the trainers chasing me, I would have noticed the net trap that was hidden in a pile of leaves. That small clearing was almost clear of fallen leaves, except for that one suspicious spot, but oh silly me, I thought that if I hide under the leaves, the trainers wouldn't bother trying to look at it.

After the net sprang and lifted me in the air, those three trainers, who were strangers to each other, agreed to put me down and let me go, but lo and behold, Team Rocket showed up, and damn, their way of battle was very very dark for a children's game.

Those young trainers witnessed the death of one of their Pokémon before they decided to run for their lives after the grunts tried to attack them directly.

“Ya okay there, kid?” Blue asked again.

I don't really know his name, but I decided to name him ‘Blue’ because instead of red, his beak is blue.

I was so excited to reach the city and look for Bill, that I forgot that this world of Pokémon also has evil human organizations running around. Great. Just freaking great!

“Ah'll take that as a ‘no’ then,” Blue sighed.

“Just shut up and leave me alone,” I grunted as I tried to stand back up in all four.

“That would be a difficult thing ta do, kid, since, y'know, we're neighbors now, and yer makin' quite a racket for me ta leave ya alone...”

I slammed my skull against the iron bar again, and I was reward by a powerful wave of pain. I suddenly collapsed yet again, and panted for breath.

D-darn it... I should have told them where I was going. I should have told them about my plan! If I did, then they'd sure to try and talk me out of it. Or at least chase after me, so there would be a small glimmer of hope that they'd come and rescue me...

Oh, who am I kidding... The grunts would just easily capture them as well. No... It's best that I didn't let them know about my plan... At least they're still out there, free...

There was clicking noise that echoed in the entire room. I turn my head in time to see the door open, and a single grunt, complete with their black uniform with a red ‘R’ on their shirt, came inside, carrying a cage with a sleeping...something.

He quietly placed the new cage beside mine, and left without saying a word. He closed the door, and another click echoed in the room, signalling that he locked the door from the outside.

“Oi,” Blue chirped, sounding happy for God-knows why, “that's a fine lass ya got as a neighbor there, kid.”

I roll my eyes and grunt a reply as I turn my head again to see who's the newcomer. My tired eyes gave me a weird sight. It was a Rattata, complete with a goofy grin directed at me.

“F-Fay?!” That would have been louder if I wasn't tired.

“The one and only!” the stupid Rattata replied, all too cheery.

W-what the heck!? I crossed a lot of small streams in hopes that they wont catch my scent! Apparently, all those attempts for them to be unable to track me down fell useless...

“D-don't tell me that the others are here as well...”

She blinked, and smiled. “Okay. Then I won't tell.”

I slammed my head against the iron bars. “Great. Just great... You're caught, and soon, they'll get caught!”

“What? I'm caught?”

“Yes!” I hissed and turned to her. “Can't you see that...” and the cage was empty.

I blinked, and looked around. My gaze fell on Blue, and with his wing, he pointed at the floor below. I followed, and saw Fay was staring at me with a confused look on her face.

“How the—?” I looked back at her cage. The space in between the iron bars were too small for her to get through! “How? How did—you know what? Never mind...”

Either the rat logic back on earth applies here as well, or she's Mew. Or Ditto. Really, rats back on earth can go through small holes, even smaller than their heads. Maybe it's just their fur that makes them look big.

I stared at Fay, and shivered at the thought oh how skinny she was without the fur. Thank goodness for fur!

...and what's that smell?

“Aw, good heavens, Fay!” Blue cried, covering his beak as other Pokémon's disgusted voices echoed in the room.

I covered my nose with a paw and glared at the Fay, who was smiling sweetly and innocently. She then turned her head to a direction, and I followed it, and saw an air vent just above the door.

...and I think I heard groaning noises from there as well...

And I strangely found myself opening my eyes with a groan, even though I was still glaring at Fay...

“Gah! Fay!” was that Shock's voice? “Could you PLEASE stop doing that?!”

“Can't stop what nature designed me to be,” and that's definitely Fay.

I suddenly felt my tired body as I realized that I was still lying on my back inside a tree root cave, perfectly hidden by bushes that surrounded this tall tree. I don't really recall how I found this place last night, but hey, at least it sheltered me from the cold night and the eyes of those three trainers.

...and it's spacious enough for four noisy Pokémon to stay.

“Oh,” Vixie was the first to notice my rising form. “Good afternoon.”

I stopped my yawn when her words sunk in. “A-afternoon?”


Author's Notes
This chapter was supposed to be Chapter 10, but I didn't like where this chapter was going.
So, I decided to just label this chapter into ‘Deleted Chapter 1’, but then I needed to write a dream for the hero while he's sleeping, so, here ya go~

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