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Chapter 12
I don't know why they have followed me here. I don't even know if I should ask them that question.

Shock, Fay, Saur, and Vixie.

Those four are really great friends, judging from the way they talk and laugh as we ate some berries that they have gathered while I was sleeping.

And oh, about sleeping... Vixie was right; it was already afternoon. I guess my Eevee body must've been pretty darn tired from the events that happened yesterday. I got chased by two young trainers, ran for who-knows how long, went down the cliff, walked in a stream, and fought against a group of Pokémon just to grab some meat to eat.

By the time I woke up, my belly's too hungry for me to complain about eating berries. They're actually not that bad, but I still prefer meat over berries.

...and I don't care if the meat came from Pokémon! Just as long as the meat's cooked and all. I don't think I can stomach raw meat.

I shivered at that thought.

I think I missed a joke or something, since my four companions laughed for a few seconds before their laughter died down.

“Well, anyway,” Shock said, fixing me a frown as he chewed on a berry. “I'm a bit angry at you, Eevee, for leaving us back there while you're down here wandering around to go home, if,” he waved a hand at Fay, “what Fay said was true.”

“I didn't... I mean,” I slowly returned my half-eaten berry back on the large leaf we used as a plate. I shook my head lightly.

Should I tell them now? Maybe I should, if I wanted them not to come with me.

...why wouldn't I want them to come with me? Wouldn't it be safer if we're going somewhere together, than being on my lonesome? Sure, I managed to snatch some food from trainers last night, but I don't think I can be that lucky every single time that I need to. ...I think...

As I look at their faces, they have every right to be angry with me for leaving them. When I first woke up in this world, they guided me to Celebi's pond. They treated me like a friend already, even though I was mostly complaining about Celebi not showing up and berries.

I sighed. “I'm sorry about that... Really, I am...”

Saur extended a vine and patted me on the head. I don't know if he realized, but his pats are a bit forceful and painful. Judging from his sweet smile, I'd say that he doesn't.

“...and ‘ouch’, by the way.”

“Oh, oops,” Saur quickly pulled his vine back with an apologetic smile. “I got used to smack Fay every now and then...”

Yeah, I noticed.

“So,” Vixie began, “why did you come all the way here?”

I guess I should tell them now. Whatever their decision will be, I'll respect it. I don't want them tailing me against their will anyway, or without their knowledge, and if my dream was any indication, I don't want to bring them to their very dooms...if Team Rocket still exist, that is.

“I'm...going to the city...”

The four gasped in unison, but Fay's was the loudest.

“You're going to cheese city?! Can I come? Please?”

I closed my eyes with a sigh of frustration and amusement. “It's not a city made of cheese!”

“We will never know until we get there!”

“Fay, shut up,” Shock said with a glare before he turned to me, his glare fading into concern. “Why are you going there? Surely, there will be humans in all corners!”

“Before I answer that,” I raised a paw to stall his objection, “how did you guys find me?”

“Pidgeys,” was Fay's cheerful reply.

“Oh...” Right... Even with my trail gone, they can still ask any Pokémon that happened to be where I was going. Stupid human logic... “Well, I was hoping to find someone there who could help me.”

“You're not willing to wait for Celebi in the forest?” Saur asked.

“You guys said that it's been months since anyone has seen her...”

“True,” Saur replied, “but it's still rather safe to wait there than wander in a human city.”

“Cheese city!” -whap- “Ow! Hey!”

“You guys make a lovely couple,” I whispered with an amused eye-roll.

Saur blinked. “What was that?”

“Nothing,” I looked away, pretending that I didn't say anything.

“So,” Shock said, earning my attention, “you're meeting with someone in the city?”

I nodded as my reply.

“Who?” Vixie asked.

“A human who—” I wasn't able to finish when they all gasped again. Sheesh, I could almost tell they were practicing their choir of gasps while they were looking for me.

“A human?”

“Why would you want to meet up with a human?”

“They'll catch you if they see you!”

“Is this human your trainer?” Eyes fell on Fay after she asked that question. The Rattata blinked, and looked at her friends' shocked faces. “What?”

“Eevee,” Saur frowned, looking at me apologetically, “you're a captive Pokémon?”

Eh? “No. Not re—”

“Well,” Shock crossed his arms over his chest, and shot me a glare. “I for one, think that you shouldn't go there to meet up with your trainer.”


“If he, or she, was heartless enough to just leave you unconscious in the middle of a forest, then you're just wasting your loyalty!”


“I agree with Shock,” Vixie said, looking at me with a sad frown. “I think you're better off here than to be with some cruel human...”

...a third what?

I looked at their faces, each looking at me with sad frowns, except for Saur, who has a neutral face.

Finally, the Bulbasaur spoke. “We're jumping to conclusions, aren't we?”

I nodded. “Yes, you guys are...”

The other three let out a sigh of relief.

“So, then,” Vixie spoke up, “why?”

...time for the big reveal?

Should I tell them, or shouldn't I tell them? Should I? Or shouldn't I?

“Do you have a flower?” I asked her. Y'know, I'll pull the petals so I can decide what my decision will be.

“Of course she has a flower, silly,” Fay spoke up, cheerfulness in her voice. “Even I have one. See?” She rose on two an—

Oh holy **** nope nope nope! I closed my eyes tightly, and turned away as Vixie gasped, Shock groaned, and Saur slapped a vine behind Fay's head.

“Not THAT kind of flower! Arrrggghhh!!!”

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