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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
So imagine we develop and produce a psuedo-sentient machine. It has the same functions as human, but is essentially a chunk of iron with some copper laced through it. It behaves similarly if not the same as us, as dictated by it's programming and has adapted to function within society.
Iron? Psh, we'd use steel.

Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
Do you think you could have a synthetic best friend? Not in that you pay for him but you meet the same as any normal person would knowing that he is incapable of real physical emotion only what it is dictated to do as a response.
And to further on this, could you love a robot? Could you see yourself developing such an attachment that you would date a robot?
Well, the whole point of AI is it is capable of emotion. That's what AI is. If it's just reacting to what you do, that's not artificial intelligence.

Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
Before this becomes a moral debate about what humanity is I want to stress that the robot is a tool by humans to make our lives easier and the robot knows, understands and accepts this for all intents and purposes.
Nope. Bad idea.
The thing some people don't seem to understand about "robots have taken over!!! omg!" stories is that it didn't immediately start when the robots where created, it started once we started getting AIs to do all the menial but necessary tasks of the world. That's when they truly have power of us.

Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
What do you guys think? Love yay or nay? Or do you see them for what they ultimately are and that is a tool used to simplify your life? Would you consider them as a real member of our society?
Do you think that they could ever develop their own program that likens to emotions and therefore love you back?
I don't really think I'd be able to love a machine, but it's the kind of thing that's hard to hypothesize about until it actually happens.

Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
And she'd have wifi!
Never mind. HELL. YES.
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