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    I recently started playing emerald (i only played pearl halfway as a kid before my parents confiscated it ) and i JUST found out about EV training and natures. OCD me looked at my stats and was just like, "nope, gotta start over". I still want the full experience of leveling up and defeating each gym leader, but a bit of help wouldn't hurt too please (cause i'm still a bit lazy >:D) ; thanks so much <3

    Game: Pokémon Emerald
    Player's name: Lunis
    Playing time : doesn't matter
    Number of Badges: 0
    Location: Right after choosing a starter and completing the battle for Birch.

    Team: (can you add the nature somehow O_O?)
    Shiny Torchic Lv. 5 Rash Nature with Dynamic Punch and Rock Slide
    Shiny Magikarp Lv. 5 Adamant Nature with Icy Wind
    Bagon Lv. 5 Rash Nature with Earthquake
    Shiny Ralts Lv. 5 Timid Nature with Icy Punch
    Shiny Gengar Lv. 5 Modest Nature with Thunder Punch and Hypnosis
    Shiny Larvitar Lv. 5 Adamant Nature with Pursuit

    Pokémon in box:

    Additional information: Could you please add max money, rare candies, vitamins, heart scales, tm's, hm's, and macho brace and/or exp share (if at all possible)? Thanks

    If there's no way to add the nature, that's okay triple thanks :D