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Favorite Digimon: Lobomon (though I'd prefer a BlackLobomon...y'know, a dark version? *sigh*)
Topic answer: Frontier. I think that's the current question...
Codeword(see rules): Digivolve!


Why is this your favorite Digimon? Wolf Spirit? Yes!
Who is your favorite character? Um... Rika
What is your favorite series? Frontier
Why is this your favorite Character? Cuz she's got the right personality! :D
Why is this your favorite series? SPIIIIIIIIRIIIIIIIIIIT EVOLUTIOOOOON!!!s...
Who do you think is the strongest Digimon? Omni X, isn't it?
Who do you think is the coolest Digimon? Beelzemon with his motorbike in Tamers. No contest.
What is your favorite quote from? Um... The Secret World? Or is this a digimon quote thing?
Do you guys look forward to the dubbing of Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion? No. The translators will ruin it.