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Originally Posted by Trainer Timothy View Post
I feel ya. I think Kurt made me feel worse about it, he gives you a lot of crap for killing Jean.

The first time I saved Ghost Rider in the same level, I gave up Elektra. She didn't return to my character select screen until I beat the game. I was like, WUT!?
Eh, I guess when it was either the X-Men splitting up forever or a psycho Phoenix rampaging to kill everyone, I guess I'd choose X-Men splitting up because fire phoenixes are baaaad. ;~; But ugh, not that I thought X-Men splitting up and the Professor getting killed was much better..

And yeah, I hate that part where you'd have to sacrifice one of your members too. xD I don't even know how to play Ghost Rider that much - he swings his chains then... ? Becomes food for demons? I just, like him as a character, but, don't understand his play style. xD

I really like the Arcade level - it was different! Although going into the actual video game was kinda.. tedious with all those levels. xD I liked the circus bit though. Beating up Arcade was fuuuun~

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