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Originally Posted by LGDArm View Post
Eh, I guess when it was either the X-Men splitting up forever or a psycho Phoenix rampaging to kill everyone, I guess I'd choose X-Men splitting up because fire phoenixes are baaaad. ;~; But ugh, not that I thought X-Men splitting up and the Professor getting killed was much better..
Oh! So that's what happens if you kill Kurt. I've only beaten the game fully twice (The other umpteen files I stop after the Bifrost Bridge bit because I get bored) and both times I've killed Jean (Because she seems easier to beat than Night Crawler under the influence of Mephisto.) I did kill Kurt once, but I never finished the game after that.

And yeah, I hate that part where you'd have to sacrifice one of your members too. xD I don't even know how to play Ghost Rider that much - he swings his chains then... ? Becomes food for demons? I just, like him as a character, but, don't understand his play style. xD
Ghost Rider's really good, his Original outfit has a passive ability where (when fully maxed) he has a 50% chance to revive a downed character at the moment of their death. Saved me 3 times, once against Loki on Raven's Peak and twice in the same battle against the last battle of Dr. Doom.

I really like the Arcade level - it was different! Although going into the actual video game was kinda.. tedious with all those levels. xD I liked the circus bit though. Beating up Arcade was fuuuun~

I was kind of confused because you don't kill him directly, but after the cutscene, the robot blows up! So is he like... dead? Lol.
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