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    Every emulator, that run in a false way so that Video Ram is accessable all the time, should work. I don't really know if there even are more than one GB/C emulator made for an android phone.
    The best bet would be playing this with VisualBoyAdvance on a pc. That emulator handles VRAM accessability wrong, and thus, Brown runs fine with it.

    Nevertheless, the emulator that shows those white lines is "better" since it functions more in a way it should. If the game was played on a console, the lines would be there as well. KBM could probably take care of that bug if he really had the time, and will to do that.

    Originally Posted by 80C View Post
    I know this hack shows a little graphical error if played with BGB (SGB Emulator): there are a few misplaced trash\glitch lines\graphics on the screen during the entire gameplaying time.

    I don't know why this occours only on BGB... mystery.
    GameBoy CPU Manual


    When the LCD display is off (bit 7 of $ff40 set to 0) you can write to video memory at any time with out restrictions.
    While it is on you can only write to video memory during H-Blank and V-Blank.

    Not that I would understand the whole process either (haven't really looked at it for that matter either), but Video Ram is only accessable during a short amount of time - during the V-Blank which is handled by interrupts. If you try writing to VRAM at some other time, the data/graphics you write there is not written properly. I believe this is what happens with sprites in Brown. The game tries to access VRAM when you're supposed not to write there and the graphics turn messed up.

    VisualBoyAdvance is made to access VRAM all the time, so it functions differently than a Gameboy emulator should. Thus, graphics look fine with it.

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