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Chapter 14
Take 1.

I tried sneaking my way towards the city. It didn't work. Some kids spotted me and started chasing after me.

Take 2...

I decided to walk casually, with no care in the world, walking in plain sight and headed straight to the city. Pokéballs were flying towards me...

Take 3...

I grabbed a Spearow and used him as a glider. I fell flat on the forest floor...and a lot of pecking on my head as an added bonus...

Take 4...

I disguised myself as a bush, and snuck my way towards the city. Some kids with great memory wondered how on earth a bush suddenly grew out on a spot.

I sighed as I started climbing down from the tree where I hid to lose those eager trainers off of my trail.

“You owe me a Caterpie in the morning,” I heard a flying type snickering, and another groaning.

My attempts have gathered a few spectators though, betting here and there to see if I could reach the city.

As I spent a lot of minutes on the ground, thinking of new ways to get to the city, the sun has already set, darkening the area, and my spectators went back to their homes, and some gave me words of good luck and other things like I'm crazy or I'll be ending up being caught.

The slowly darkening area was suddenly pierced by the city's bright lights, yet that didn't stop the cold evening air from making the picnickers to leave and go back to their homes.

...I wondered why I didn't decide to just sit and wait for the night to take over. Sheesh. Now, the grassfield is empty as heck, except for a few Rattatas and Sentrets and other scavenger Pokémon collecting leftover food from the humans.

Looking left and right and everywhere, just to see if there really are no humans around, I started walking out from the forest and walked on the grassfields. A few scavenger Pokémon hissed at me as I walked pass a few of them, threatening me not to steal their gathered food. I just rolled my eyes at them and continued.

I was halfway there when I stepped on something leathery. I picked it up and saw that it was a collar of some sort. It was pink.

Hm... Back home, dogs with collars meant that those dogs have owners. I wonder if that works the same in this world? Well, I am no dog. ...are Eevees dogs? Cats? Foxes?

...and shut up. Foxes don't say ‘ring dingdingling’ whatever.

I slipped the pink collar on my neck. It was stretchable, and it fits comfortably around my neck. I nodded to myself with a smile before I continued my way towards the city. Pink isn't really my favorite color of choice, but I hope it'll do it's purpose well.

There was a tall fence that separated the city from nature, but there's also a gate there, with two security guards standing by.

Okay... Time to see if this collar works.

I walked up to them, and one of them immediately noticed me.

“Hey there little guy,” he bent down and started petting my head. It felt...really comforting though, and I almost let out an annoyed growl when he pulled his hand back.

“Someone must have forgotten their Eevee...” the other said, scratching his head. “Really careless for them though. I heard Eevees are rare.”

“Are you lost?”

I shook my head, unknowingly wagging my tail a bit. It felt weird though, my tail wagging like that. If felt as if something was wiggling on my ass...

“Do you know how to get home?”

I nodded, despite the fact that I absolutely have no idea how to get home.

The guard smiled as he stood up. “Well, alright then. Just be careful, little one.”

Sheesh. They talk as if I'm a small child who cries when my candy's stolen from me... Whatever. I just walked and stopped on the sidewalk, waiting for the traffic lights to go red for pedestrians to cross.

A few people who were waiting to cross took a look at me, yet they just ignored me and looked ahead. A few even started petting me, much to my delight. I even earned a nickname ‘Cutesie’ from a small girl.

Finally, the traffic lights changed, and the many humans and I crossed the road. They were quite mindful not to step on me though, even those who were crossing from the other side. A trainer snapped his fingers in annoyance after he noticed my collar. Har har to you.

I was walking by an electronic shop when a reporter said someone's name. It caught my attention, and made me stop and turn to see a few television sets displayed behind a glass window of the shop.

“...and here we have Professor Oak to discuss with us his latest findings on this weird phenomenon. Professor Oak?”

A number of humans started to gather around me though, who were also interested in the news. I decided to walk closer to the shop's window so no human legs will be blocking my sight.

The cameraman moved the camera to none other than the very famous Pokémon Professor. Wow, he looked much older back on earth. Here, he just looked like he's in his late thirty's or early fourty's...

The professor nodded, shifting his serious gaze from the repoter to the camera.

“Thank you. Ahem...” he pulled out a folder, and flipped a few papers before he spoke once again. “Before that though, I'll give a quick summary of what's going on, for those who are still unaware of this phenomenon.”

Thanks. I guess?

“Two months ago, a strange shadow fell upon our region, and within the two-month timeframe, we've discovered that the whole world was affected. And within that timeframe, many researchers and professors searched for answers of the questions ‘what it was’ and ‘what did it do’, and many others.

“Unfortunately, even now, we don't know what it was, who or what did it, and why. As to what it did, well, many of you, who own and train an already-evolved Pokémon, have noticed that your partners went back to their basic forms.”


“Aside from that, it would seem that Pokémon, all over the world, lost their ability to evolve...”

...what? that the reason why all of the Pokémon I ever met since I woke up are still in their basic forms? But they didn't seem to know anything about it, or do they? that why there were many Pokémon by the lake, waiting for Celebi's arrival?

I suddenly noticed the growing rise of voices of the people around me. Their voices carried worry, annoyance, doubt, and fear.

“Now, from what we've gathered, we have discovered a number of legendary Pokémon on the move. Some of them are psychic types, and have the ability of telepathy. One of our researchers was able to converse with the legendary Mewtwo in the Hoenn region, sharing with us that Mewtwo and others are also looking at the cause of such phenomenon.”

“Legendary Mewtwo? I'm afraid that I haven't heard of such a Pokémon, professor.”

“Hence their titles as legendaries,” Professor Oak chuckled a bit, before looking serious again. “But anyway, knowing that even them are figuring out what caused this, that doesn't mean that we're just going to stop and let them deal with this, just because it's a problem only affecting Pokémon.

“No. This does not affect only Pokémon, but us humans as well. We have bonded with our beloved partners and grew up with them, and evolution is one of the greatest achievements we have gained from the bonds we have with Pokémon.”

Murmurs of agreement erupted around me, and others started sharing sad stories of discovering their devolved partners.

This is a strange phenomenon indeed. I wonder if it's somehow connected to how I got here. I don't think that there are any official games from Nintendo with this kind of phenomenon where a hero must go on an adventure and fix it.

Team Rocket wouldn't be behind this. It won't benefit them if all Pokémon are just in their basic forms. Then again, maybe their Pokémon still stayed normal and fully evolved.

But it has been two months now. Surely, that was enough time for them to ‘take over the world’, right? Or other evil organizations taking action. But neither the reporter nor the professor mentioned anything about it, so there wasn't any evil organizations behind this.

...wait, no. I have another problem to take care of. And that's to find Bill. Now where can he be?

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