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    Also looking to kill some time before X/Y release, so I'll try to get this done while I'm housesitting this weekend! I'll be playing Pokemon Yellow (on the cart).

    My team will be:

    The last Pokemon will come from Route 10. I will DEFINITELY be evolving Caterpie. Since Electabuzz isn't in Pokemon Yellow (and since I have my old Gameshark still!) I will immediately hack one in and then box Pikachu. Provided that ancient thing still works, of course.

    Started up a new save file, got my Pikachu. Decided to turn him into a Surfing Pikachu and use him as my primary HM slave, because he just looks so cute waddling around behind me.

    I hacked in an Electabuzz and started training. Ran into my rival a second time & beat him (but on the second try). Made it into Viridian Forest and caught a Caterpie! Now time for some serious grinding before I have to deal with Brock.

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