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    This is the only place I can see that there's an Arceus, so I really have to try...


    So, uh, only looking for a TRU ARCEUS(for his Platinum Game) for a friend of
    mine. He wants me to try and help him get all the legendaries, or at least just
    the Creation Trio and Arceus. That last one is all that's on the list at the
    moment, but unfortunately the only high level pokemon I really have up to offer
    is a level 100 Crobat, and I think it's female(been awhile since I've
    checked). If this is enough(probably not, but I really hope so), then I'll just
    pal park it from Leaf Green.

    I can allways pal park a level 61 Golbat
    (caught at that level, trust me, finding one in that game at a level higher than
    60 is hard) as well, if it's of any interest.

    Anyways, I do
    however have another perk, I have both Sapphire and Firered, both haven't been
    progressed very far so I can pal park any starter pokemon from the two without
    worrying about losing any serious progress. I don't have any shiny pokemon
    unfortunately, luck has eluded me in that particular aspect.

    I also have
    a ton of berries if any are needed or wanted, and too many items on hand, so
    just name an item that you want if that'll change your mind in any way.

    *Please note: none of the pokemon I'm trading belong to my friend, they're all
    from my GBA game cartridges. So no moral inconvenience will be crossed.

    *Also note: If none of these pokemon are of interest to you, please tell me what
    would interest you, and I'll see if I can catch it/pal park it/find some legal
    way to obtain it.
    If this is impossible, then please refer me to someone else.