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    I really like this hack but there are some serious issues that I think should be kept in mind for future updates.

    1: Fix the bad egg glitch resulting from the grandpa canyon event.

    2: If you're going to enable berries as hinted in the Xanadu Nursery event, I should hope it wont be an issue to enable the emerald version's berry system in fire red, as the EV berries (Pomeg, Kelpsy, ect) only got that attribute in emerald which came a year or so after the Fire Red/Leaf Green games. I hope it wont be an issue to import the coding to modify the FR berries to act like the emerald berries, because it would be a huge pain to not be able to EV train your pokemon for the later challenges in Kanto prior to the league.

    3: If HMs can't be used, at least allow certain HM moves to be learned via level up. Charizard without Fly is wrong no matter how you slice it (even if he never obeys) and Pikachu should get acsess to surf somehow because Light Ball is pretty useless overall unless you update it to boost both attack and special attack, or modify pikachu's movepool to pick up ice punch or grass knot or something.

    4: This point ties in with 3. More move tutors needed, and definately enable a REAL breeding center, since many pokemon due to being underused in the anime don't get any noteworthy moves (Dugtrio NEEDS Rock Slide and so does Primape to name an example if one were to catch another after giving up the one featured in the primeape goes bananas event), and some tutors should be reusable if a move is particularly important, such as Body Slam for either Squirtle or Bulbasaur. And there certainly be more TMs available too, it's atad frustrating that in an otherwise simple battle that one's team is unable to really fight due to the lack of moves available. Bulbasaur with Sludge Bomb comes to mind.

    5: There's a ton of places after Fucsia City with locked doors, will those doors be able to be opened in a future version? If there's supposed to be any items I can pick up between Fuscia City and Cinnibar Island going into those homes would help though waiting for a future version would of course be the only recourse there.

    6: Given the increadible level jump right at the Kanto League tournament it would be helpful to have more trainers to battle throughout the Kanto region. Sure officially Ash loses the tournament (in part due to inexperiance and due to his Charizard's ego making him an ungrateful cretin) but with work I was able to win first place in the previous beta. From there of course the elite 4 is extremely powerful but defeating them isn't my intention with this point, as if the orange islands are gonna be as tricky with their level jumps having plenty more trainers in Kanto to fight (and the enabling of EV training) would help to make things a lot less of a hassle. This would help especially considering James' Weezing loves to explode too much.

    7: Update certain abilities to mirror modern changes. If adding Seed Bomb was done along with the generation 5 buffs to tackle and giga drain among other things, making Sturdy as well as Stench work as it did in B/W shouldn't be much of an issue. Likewise giving new effects to Run Away, Keen Eye, and Pickup in conjunction with their traditional benefits would also help like giving Run Away the benefit of preventing loss to the speed stat, or giving Keen Eye the same effect as Compound Eyes for whatever non-bug pokemon able to use it instead of preventing accuracy loss (as in real life Keen Eye reflects how birds of prey can see anything on the ground from a mile in the air) to name examples. I mean, if Rage is altered to be like Rollout and Ice Ball and Seed Bomb was effectively modded into the game (though the TM that teaches it seriously needs work since it says Psyche Up on the description) changing abilities shouldn't be too hard.

    This is all I can think of for right now, and I apologize if it seems like I'm demanding but these are some issues I hope are resolved in future releases in one form or another.
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