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Originally Posted by Perdition Haze
The Ultimate Warrior is going to make an appearance in WWE 2K14. I wonder if we'll be having a storyline based around him, or if he's going to be one of those characters that we're only able to do matches with? Randy Savage, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are going to appear in this game as well. I wonder if they'll be having their own stories, too? Personally, I would like to see a story where Austin gets a hold of the WWE championship again. It's been an extremely long time since we've seen the title around his waist, so once he finally does it, it should be quite an exciting moment for most of us. :)
Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as if 2K14 is going to have it's own unique story mode, but it'll be similar to last year's Attitude Era mode, except this year it focuses on past Wrestlemanias. And to be quite honest, I can't say I'm that thrilled for it, but it will be nice to see guys like the Macho Man and Hulk Hogan back in the game.

And I think the biggest problem this game is facing is that 2K took over when a large chunk of the game had already been completed by THQ/Yukes, other than finalizing the roster and whatnot. So it'll probably feel a lot like the games of the past couple years, with no real changes to be expected until the series makes the jump to the PS4/Xbox One. And while I'll probably get the game at some point since I've got most of the recent ones, I'll probably wait until the price drops and all of the DLC is released before I bother picking it up (I'll still be occupied by GTA V and Pokemon X/Y for a while, anyway).

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