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Username: L96
Favorite Underrated Pokemon: Ledian
Why you want to join this club: I never really like overrated Pokemon. I like the cute ones, yet powerful. Scary, yet weak.
Most Used Underrated Pokemon: Ledian
Underrated Partner: Magikarp

Why you love your favorite underrated Pokemon:
It's not that strong, yet it has good moves and It's cute.
Also, holds potential. I would love to have a walk in a park with him one day.

If you could keep any underrated Pokemon in your home, in real life, which one would it be?
Answer to topic of the week:
Magikarp, I'll treat it like family of course. Once it's part of my life, you're part of my family. And I'm not weird but Magikarp is kinda cute. |「>o<|「
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