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I decided to do a Nuzlocke challenge! I already started but I decided to start updating on this forum! I am currently at Union Cave, and I only have the first badge.

Current Team:

Arthur, ♂ Lv 12 Cyndaquil
Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember

Beatrix, ♀ Lv 9 Hoothoot
Tackle, Peck, Foresight, Hypnosis

Edmund, ♂ Lv 13 Geodude
Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Rock Polish

George, ♂ Lv 11 Gastly
Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look

Henry, ♂ Lv 6 Sandshrew
Scratch, Defense Curl, Rock Smash

"It appears to move occasionally. It may be close to hatching."

Current Challenges:
Nuzlocke Run: HeartGold
Tri Species Challenge: Pearl (Skuntank, Lumineon, Bronzong)
Completed Challenges:

Solo Run: Dewgong (Blue), Dodrio (Blue), Kangaskhan (Silver),
Nuzlocke Challenges: Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire