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6.5/10 on ingenuity, koffi~

I enjoy the Spider-Man, but the two images (the gif. and the avatar) clash a tad. The colors in the gif. file are bright and colorful, while the avatar is in a concerned sepia tone. Also, the gif. can become tiring to look at after awhile (maybe it's just me but I don't think I like gif. files much).

It would seem that most here favor skill over the ideas and imagination of others (I am quite proud of my 1/10 rating as there are far more 10/10 ratings) and it would make it slightly difficult for others to break certain grading barriers.

Pokemon seem to be the most loved themes (Besides Koffing) and weigh more than others. In terms of skill involving linking and such, I'd give it an extra point to make it 7.5/10. I enjoy how it's not so complicated that even I could figure out how to complete that task. Great job, koff~