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Chapter 15
I never really imagined that I'd one day be a homeless Back on earth, it always hurts my heart to see homeless people on streets and alleyways, sleeping, scavenging, or begging for food or money.

It really hurts... I help whenever I can though, like giving them some spare coins, with quiet hopes that they'll have a good day soon...

Now, I am forced to sniff some things out of this garbage bin in an alleyway. Things that could still be considered as food. I could go back to the forest, but I've spent the entire evening wandering around, trying to look for Bill. I'm in the deepest parts of the city, so I don't know if the forest is close by or not.

And stupidly, I spent the evening looking for Bill, without the knowledge of what the heck he even looked like! I have seen him in the animé, but I forgot what he looks like. I just kept on searching, hoping that the sense of familiarity will get to me when I do see him.

I looked at faces, climbed on windows, everything...

At least I managed to pull out a half-eaten burger. It was completely wrapped before it was thrown though, so I can at least consider myself lucky. It was too difficult to move around while holding this burger, so I bit it slightly to carry it before I carefully jumped back down on the concrete ground of the alley. I tasted the juices of meat and mayonaise, increasing the supply of saliva flooding inside my mouth.

A cold drop of water hit my nose as soon as I was back on the ground. Then, a lot of cold droplets of water began to shower the entire city. Yeah, there was a growing raincloud during the interview with Professor Oak though.

I quickly looked around, hoping to see some shelter. I do have the pink collar on me, but I don't want the humans to see me in this condition. They might pick me up and put me in some anima—er...Pokémon shelter or something, and lock me up there until my ‘owner’ comes to get me.

I saw a slightly worn-out cardbox box a few feet away from me. It looked like a makeshift cave or den, since the opened top was on the side, and there was a Pokémon lying there when I reached it. It was, thankfully, big enough for two Pokémon to fit.

“What do you want?” asked a grumpy Meowth, opening an eye to glare at me.

I nervously put the burger on my paws to talk, while shivering slightly from the cold rain and air. “Um... M-may I come in?”

“Go back to your female trainer,” and he closes his eyes, putting a tone of finality to our conversation.

But... “P-please?” I flashed a pout and puppy-dog eyes when he opened an eye again.

“...are you a female?”

I blinked. “N-no.”

He rose up into a sitting position. “Then don't give me that look unless you're a female.” He grunted as he extended a paw to me. “Half the burger.”

“B-but it's already half when I found it...”

“Then cut it in half, dumbass.”

I hated this Meowth already. Still, I get to have some shelter for the night. I went inside and gave him the burger as I tried to make myself comfortable. As soon as I lied down, I realized how stupid that was... This Meowth might eat the whol—

He threw the other half towards me, and I barely caught it with both my front paws. I glared at him as I began eating with a satisfied smile.

“Ah...nothing like a tasty Miltank burger before a good night's sleep,” he whispered to himself as he licked his paws as I ate.

I still craved for more though, but I guess this'll have to do for tonight.

“You're a run-away, huh?” the Meowth asked, starting up a conversation as the rain slightly became stronger. He was still busy licking his paws and rubbing them over his head and ears.

Since I am not doing that, nor does my body instinct is telling me to do it, then I guess Eevees aren't cats after all.

Anyway... “No,” I replied, “not really... I'm just...”


“I'm looking for someone...”

“So you ran away to look for someone?”

I groaned. “No, I didn't run away from anyone. I came here to look for someone.”

“Why the girly collar?”

“It's just a disguised so I won't be captured.”


I glanced at him, and he was giving me an impressed smile.

“Very clever. I might actually try that some time.”

“You can have it once I find the guy I'm looking for...”

“ I know a Sentret in the sewers who collects collars out of boredom.” He yawned and lied down, eyes closed. “So, who are you searching for?”

I might as well tell him. He might be able to help me. I did asked a few Pokémon around the city during my search, but none of them knew Bill.

“A human named Bill...” I whispered before I sighed and closed my eyes. Damn, I'm suddenly feeling so tired all over...

“Heh... That crazy inventor?”

I opened my eyes and stared at him with hope. “ know him?”

“Of course. He gives me some Magikarp fillet each day when he's around.”

I rose up, and ignored my rumbling tummy after I heard the name of food. “R-really? Please, can you tell me where he lives?”

He just blindly points a paw towards the house across the road. With the lights from the street lamps, I could actually see the engraved letters on the door, spelling his name.

...oh. Well then... I'll just go there tomorrow. It's not like the house will disappear after a good night's rest, right?

“But you might want to prepare a few more food if you want me to let you sleep here.”

“Why's that?”

“He won't be back for another month or two. He just left to the train station ten minutes ago while you were digging up some food. So if I wer—h-hey! Where are you going?!”

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