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    Originally Posted by tanledesigner View Post
    Looks awesome, I can't wait till the final beta comes out!
    I'll not consider about adding new events into this hack, in other words, this hack is completed in storyline. What is left now is just fixing bugs.

    Originally Posted by Charblade111 View Post
    The early game in this is just plain awful. You're overwhelmed with trainer battles early on, and the only place to level up your Pokemon to make them be able to put up a fight is to keep fighting the trainers over and over until you eventually win. You have to fight waves of flying and psychic type Pokemon, making your type change to Axew arguably worse. Not only that, but because you get Pokeballs so late your only choice to give cut to is Axew because Ekans can't learn cut. You start off the game by wasting a moveslot in your starter Pokemon and can't fix it until the move deleter which I'm assuming isn't showing up until post 6th gym.

    If I hadn't heard such good reviews about this, I'd quit it now and never play it again.
    It is my fault, I just wanted to make this game more difficult by this way, so I didn't cnsider about how this game will be like at the beginning, sorry. So I've decided to get over these problems in my another project.
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