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This is the thread where we can share all the video games that we've recently completed!

On my 3DS, the last game I was able to successfully finish was Super Mario 3D Land. The final boss was, of course, Bowser, just like in almost any other Mario game. It was quite hard to defeat him. His fireball attacks were extremely massive, which made them nearly impossible to avoid. Once I had beaten him though, I was finally able to rescue Princess Peach and return her back to the castle, where she truly belongs.

Assassin's Creed II was the last game that I had beaten on my Xbox 360. I know that it's kind of an old game, but I just wanted to play it again. Throughout the ending of this game, I was required to go back to Rome and fight the Spaniard, who calls himself Rodrigo Borgia. It wasn't very hard to defeat him, though he did manage to cause me a lot of damage with the help of "Apple of Eden," a very powerful item that can be found in-game, which could do almost anything that you wish for—even stop time.

Finally, on my Wii U, Rayman Legends was the most recent game that I had the chance to complete. In my opinion, Rayman Legends has gotta be the best platform game to be ever released on the Wii U so far. Nintendo Wii U has quite a powerful graphical engine, and Rayman Legends takes full advantage of that. This game offers a variety of levels, and they are all quite entertaining. My favorite level would have to be "Sprint for your Life," which was a part of Fiesta de los Muertos, world number three of Rayman Legends. This level featured an extremely unique location, and the enemies that could found here were fun to go up against.

How about you guys? What were the last games that you were able to finish?
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