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Originally Posted by OliveCopper View Post
Hello, please do not lock this thread, because I would have a conversation with all of you about Starter Pokémon. If you had the choice of having the choice of the starter Pokémon currently known, which would you want the choice between? And for bonus points, of the three you chose, which is your favorite.

All 3 need to be the same generation, no juxtaposing. Be sure to leave your suggestions in replies or via voting.
It should be interesting hearing everyone's opinions on their favorite trio of starters leading up to the release of X/Y this weekend, so we're making your thread the poll of the week! Congrats!

As for myself, I like some of the individuals from other regions more, but as a whole, my favorite trio of starters are those from Hoenn. In my first and second playthrough of Sapphire, Treecko -> Sceptile and Mudkip -> Swampert were both the backbone of my teams, and it's no secret that Blaziken is one of the strongest final evolutions of all the starters. When you combine those three, it easily puts them a top my list over the other trios.