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    There are a few I like. Let's see how fast I can type them before I have to go to work.

    Katawa Shoujo - Hanako and Shizune's beta endings
    Hanako's bad ending in the beta involves killing Hisao because he only wants her for her body, and Shizune's bad ending involves Misha killing herself out of jealousy and then Shizune killing herself out of guilt. I kind of understand how these were scrapped because they were too grimdark, but Shizune's was infinitely better than her actual bad ending. Hell, Shizune's entire beta route is better. They really dumbed it down to the point where its simplicity makes just getting to Rin's route look like something only God can do.

    Radiata Stories - Both endings
    The Human ending involves killing Ridley to save humanity as a whole and the Nonhuman ending involves sacrificing all of humanity to spare Ridley. It may seem like a simple choice at first, but it's not. Hell, the actual choice is made at a point in the game where the fate of the world isn't even at hand. There are no signs that choosing to go with Ridley will result in magical genocide. I like Ridley, but I often choose the Human path because it's much more heartbreaking to watch Ganz and Gawain die as all of humanity pretty much evaporates.

    Umineko - Trick ending
    Ange decides that Beatrice's sleight of hand is a trick and not magic. When she comes back to reality, she assumes that Amakusa and the boat's captain are spies sent to kill her and she murders the both of them before sailing off with Erika. It was a very, very unpleasant ending, especially after 160 hours of reading.

    9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors - Axe ending
    Clover slowly breaks down due to the supposed death of Snake, who's actually alive and locked in a coffin, and she chops Junpei in the neck with the axe from the captain's quarters before going off to kill the other survivors. This was the first 999 ending I got and it really messed me up, but I despair over it even more since I got every ending and now know that Clover's escape plan was ultimately futile.
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