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    /a wild fuzzy appeard/

    Hello guys Fuzzy here.

    Some of you guys want to know my youtube channel. So my youtube channel is ''ExtremeFaouzi'' DONT ASK WHY I USED THAT NAME xD.


    I will get a Game Pc for my birthday /19 of october/ Then i will make alot of pokemon episode's like platinum or black 2.

    I can only record now ''gba'' games (firered, ruby, emerald)
    that kind of games.

    So if you guys know other pokemon games like hacked pokemon gba games send a link in a post. I upload a lot of pokemon nuzlocke's and walkthroughs.

    Maybe i will do pixelmon. not sure about it.

    So yeah my youtube channel: extremefaouzi. check it out!

    OWW YEAAH sometimes i will upload random fandub vids of fairy tail, attack on titans, dbz

    /Fuzzy fled/