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    An update on The Imprisoning War Zelda RP:

    I've changed the race count to five, with the possibility of others added at any point during the RP (it's very unlikely, but still possible.)

    The current list is:


    Yes, I've added Gorons. We'll just have to make them a lot more mortal, the strengths and weaknesses can be applied in a fair way.

    All races will have a reason to be involved, and all will have their own perks and faults to make them a unique but equal team member.

    Altogether, the OOC Post is coming together nicely (fortunately for me, my knowledge of CSS and coding improved slightly as of late, through sheer toying) and captures the Zelda feel in my opinion. Not that it has much to do with the Story, but I'm pleased with it.

    The story has been thought out, with some wiggle room based on what kind of characters or ideas come from the players.