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Cop out answer, but I think I've enjoyed the soundtracks to almost every game I've played, if not a handful of songs at the least. This even includes games most people would rather not speak of such as Chester Cheetah's Too Cool to Fool. If it's melodic that's simply all that matters.

That said, the converse would be a game that's just full of thrashing guitars or is 100% orchestrated but goes nowhere. Give me a motif or a chorus to latch on to, something. This is why I tend to enjoy games that KNOW they're games and aren't afraid of synth melodies, even if they mix in live instruments elsewhere.

You can simply fit in your own examples so long as you assume I've played it, but for comparison's sake, I'd say I still Love Sonic CD's original soundtrack, but don't necessarily care for... well this is cheating... metal covers of anything that deviate from the source material for half an hour. Stuff like this can be found in anniversary albums. -_-

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