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I'm voting for three Pokémon this time around—Politoed, Blastoise, and Gyarados. I like Politoed due to how well it's able to perform when it comes to battling. It's got access to the Drizzle ability, which allows it to summon rain immediately after it's sent out on the field. Drizzle powers-up all of its water attacks by about fifty-percent, which is a lot! It has decent Special Defense stat, as well as Special Attack. Make it hold a set of Choice Specs, and it should be able to have almost any taken down with only one or two hits. Impressive, isn't it? d:

Blastoise—I like it more for its design. It's got two gigantic cannons stuck onto its back, all made out of metal. That's pretty amazing. Battling-wise, this Pokémon isn't so bad either. It has big amount of defenses, which enables it to last plenty of turns.

Gyarados is my favorite because of how much Speed and Attack it has. Its base Attack power is more than one-twenty, and its Speed is precisely eighty-one. It's got a bunch of useful attacks up its sleeves, such as Bounce, Waterfall, and Earthquake. After the use of a power-up move, such as Dragon Dance, Gyarados could use these attacks to cause complete destruction.