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Have you ever been saving a video game in one of your handheld systems, and suddenly, for whatever reason, your power went out? If yes, then what game was it? How did it happen? What was your reaction?

When I was a little kid, I was playing Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX one day on my Gameboy Color. I had just finished level six, which was known as Eagle's Tower. It's taken me an extremely long time to beat this level, because you were required to use a lot of strategy to finally get your hands on the boss key. When you were able to get the key, you had the chance to open up the boss' room and fight him. The boss, who called himself Evil Eagle, was quite hard to defeat. He flew all around the place, which made it difficult to successfully land attacks on him. If he ever got damaged, he would try to blow you off with strong gusts of wind. If you couldn't withstand it and fell down the platform, it'd take you some time to climb back up. When you climbed back up, you'd see that he restored himself back to full health. That, to me, was a little annoying. It's taken me approximately forty-five minutes to defeat this boss.

After I finally defeated Evil Eagle, I was quite excited and immediately started to save. While I was saving the game, my mom called me—she wanted to say something. I was holding my GB Color very loosely, so when I was about to turn around to face her, I accidentally dropped it from my hand. When it fell, all its of batteries got out, and the save was quickly cancelled. I was really disappointed (well, dissapointed probably wouldn't be the best way to explain it—I was rather upset), and stopped playing the game for three straight weeks afterwards. xD"

Same thing happened to me while I was playing Megaman Battle Network 2 on my Gameboy Advance, but this time, I dropped the console because I was eating with one hand and playing with the other. I wasn't very upset this time around, because the game had successfully completed saving before it fell off my hand.
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