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Chapter 18
“So, who's the lucky guy?”

I gritted my teeth in annoyance as I ignored Grindark's remark. I was seated on a white circular table, where Nurse Joy hummed and groomed me with a pink brush.

“Don't forget to bring some chocolates.”

My eye twitched as the Houndour laughed at his remark.

“Har de har har...” I glared at his laughing form.

“Sounds like you two are getting along,” Nurse Joy commented as she moved to brush my tail.

I glared at her, but she didn't bother looking at my face.

“He-hey, maybe if you're lucky, you and your special guy might even have some fun later tonight!”

He howled in laughter as I added more force on both my clenched teeth and death glare. Vic, the Growlithe, who was seated beside him, sighed.

“Knock it off, Grin...” the Growlithe began, “you're making the young lad angry...”

The Houndour just kept on laughing.

The Growlithe sighed and looked at me with an apologetic smile. “Try not to mind him so much, lad. He's just frustrated for never having a mate.”

“Hahahah, yeah that's so tr...” Houndour stopped and sharply turned a glare at his friend. “H-hey! I resent that!”

Now it was my turn to grin. “Oh, so that's why, eh?”

The Houndour glared at me while the Growlithe chuckled.

“Shut it, pup!”

“Or what? You'll murder me and gift me to the closest girl and ask her out on a date?”

Grindark barked at me and stood up on all four, and looked like he was ready to jump at me on this table when Nurse Joy shushed him. I stuck my tongue at him.

“Grr... Just you wait when she leaves, pup!”

“Oh? Don't worry. I'll ask her to groom you pink.”

Even though I finally turned the teasing to my favor, I needed to mute them down as I began to think of ways to get outta here. I am still inside the Pokémon Control building, where a lot of humans and Pokémon can see me if I try to escape.

Hm... Maybe I can stir some chaos around here and flee while everyone's distracted? Yeah, no, I don't think a puny little Eevee can do that. I can try and anger Grindark to the point that he'll want to kill me,

My little train of thought was broken when Nurse Joy suddenly carried me up to her br...chest. Yeah, chest. Darn...even though I'm an Eevee, I still think and THINK like a human... I looked away, and tried to ignore the feeling.

...why didn't I felt like this when she carried me to and from the restaurant earlier? Probably 'cause I was tired back then...and hungry, but whatever...

Deep breaths... Calm down and take deep breaths...

Hm...maybe just a touch? I've been wondering what it actually feels like... Ack! No! Bad brain! Bad! Bad bad bad bad bad!

Eh? We're outside?

“We're going to the Pokémon Center, little one. Even though I'm asked to watch over you before your trainer comes back, I still have a job back at the center,” oh...yeah...figures... “And I can already imagine the angry look my little sister's going to give me for being late.” And she laughs a bit.

Gee... I've always wondered why all the nurses are Joys... Identical Joys... How did their mother know what? Perish the thought. I don't wanna know.

Hm... The Pokémon Center's a few more blocks away, but I can already see the red roof from afar. If the center's glass doors are facing us, that means we're facing North. Ilex Forest is down south.

If she's going to be busy treating trainers' Pokémon back to health, then that'd be the perfect time for me to make my escape.

Took us a lot of minutes to get there though. She walked slower than other people around, she needed to stop on pedestrian lanes, and she had some small talk with a few girls on the way. And when I say small talk, I meant talks that lasts for almost half an hour, complete with my cheeks being pinched and my head being petted. Normally, I'd enjoy the petting, but she took god knows how long, and it ticked me off!

Gah! Whatever! At least we're now here, and she's having an earful from her identical twin for being late.

After their little argument, she carried me to the nurse's room, and I showed some decency by turning around and closing my eyes as she changed her clothes into...

“Ta-dah!” still looked like the same nurse clothes she wore from earlier, but a bit...cleaner now.

After that, she carried be behind the counter, where her sister was angrily waiting for her. With her sister storming her way to who knows where, Nurse Joy sent out her Chansey, and they started treating trainers' Pokémon, along with other not-Joy nurses around. Huh, well, I guess not all nurses are Joys. But still...

Anyway, I just sat there on the counter, and from what I heart, most of the trainers' Pokémon received their wounds and bruises from the gym leader herself.

Yeah, a Miltank's one scary not-evolved Pokémon.

...and since Pokémon can no longer evolve, trainers would be having a hard time defeating a rollout monster. Damn... I sure am glad I wasn't caught by trainers! I can't imagine myself flattened by that monstrosity.

...and I've been sitting here for far too long. I looked around and saw a wall clock. Almost noon. Eh, I guess I'll have some lunch first before I go wander around.

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