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    1) You aren't allowed to use hacks, unless your generated pokemon can't be obtained earlier in the game (please ask first if you're unsure). ROMs are allowed
    2) Trades aren’t allowed unless you are evolving a pokemon
    3) You aren’t allowed to breed your pokemon
    4) You can have as many HM slaves as you want
    5) Bold the second word of your post so that I know that you have read the rules
    6) No matter what trainer nature you select, you must have a MINIMUM of 4 pokemon unless specified otherwise
    7) You are not allowed to use legendary pokemon under any circumstances (unless necessary for the continuation of the main game such as pokemon Black/White)
    8) If you want to make it more challenging then you can ask me for a specific type
    9) Maximum of 3 re-draws. Need to be legitimate reasons (I will decide that myself on the reasons why you want a re-draw)
    10) All pokemon will be randomly generated unless the nature’s description is in the colour red

    1) I will develop an imagefor each trainer's nature for when you complete a challenge that you can then add to your signature or store it in your collection of achievements. If a challenge requires a custom made one, I will ask you for the necessary details ONLY WHEN I HAVE NOTICED YOU HAVE FINISHED. DO NOT PM OR VM to notify me that you have finished, please of course
    1) Just the traditional method.
    Username: Kirky
    Game: Pearl
    Trainer Type: OCD

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Before you challenge a gym leader/the elite four/trainer of significance (eg: Red), all your pokemon must be at the same level at the beginning of the battle. If you faint when you face a gym leader/the elite four/trainer of significance and you have a higher level pokemon in your party, you must level up to make them even or load the save game before you battled them
    Girly Girl: You can only pick beautiful looking pokemon and each pokemon must have at least won a ribbon in the Beauty or Cute category in pokemon contests before completeing the game
    Nostalgic: You can only use pokemon that were in the traditional Kanto Dex
    Brave: Your pokemon have to be a minimum of five levels underneath the Gym leader’s highest level pokemon/the champion/trainer of significance (eg: Red). List of all the gym leaders Highest level pokemon are listed below
    Lonely: Can only use 1 pokemon for your entire journey, this pokemon is randomly generated. This will exclude starter pokemon (if your generated pokemon can’t be obtained early in the game you can use any pokemon until you obtain the generated pokemon, but only 1, unless you want a re-draw). You’re allowed to use HM slaves in this, but they all have to be under lvl 15 (this is possible).
    Quirky: Can only catch and use the first pokemon you see in each route (not including HM slaves).
    Incompetent: A trainer’s nature and the pokemon you will use will be selected by me at random
    Mild: Can only use the same pokemon in your party such as 4 Rattatas

    Your challenge is only complete when:
    - R/B/Y & FR/LG: You defeat your rival when he becomes champion
    - G/S/C & HG/SS: You defeat Red
    - R/S/E: You defeat Steven
    - P/D/Plt: You defeat Cynthia
    - B/W: You defeat Alder
    - B2/W2: You Defeat Iris

    If anyone has any ideas for more nature’s if this challenge seems like it will be given the ‘OK’ feel free to VM

    Pearl: 5244 4489 1744